RV Dump Station Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does the RV Dump Station Membership cost?
For one annual fee of $1,000, you’ll gain access to the RV Dump Station at Haslet Boat & RV Storage for up to 10 dumps per month. This allows you to have more funds to enjoy your next RV adventure because you don’t need to budget for finding a safe place to empty your RV’s septic tank. You’ll also be able to use other amenities to take care of your vehicle: vacuum, air compressor, potable water, and ice machine.

How do I use the RV dump station?
Full guidelines to use the dump station can be found here. Make sure you align your RV properly, protect your skin, check your materials, and connect to the pump securely before releasing the valve. Rinse your tank afterward to make sure it is as clean as possible.
Why do I have to use an RV dump station?
Using a dump station is the safe and efficient way to empty your septic tank. Improperly disposing of human waste can harm the environment and be potentially detrimental to your health. Plus, many localities and campgrounds have laws and regulations that require you to use an RV dump station.

When should we dump the black water tank on our RV?
The septic tank shouldn’t be dumped until it is at least two-thirds full. Don’t leave the valve open to drain liquids while staying at a campsite because this will leave the solid waste to harden at the bottom of the tank. Do not travel far if your tank is full. A full septic tank is extra weight on your vehicle that makes it burn through fuel faster.
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