Finest Vehicle Storage Solutions in Haslet, TX

RV & Boat Storage in Haslet

Haslet Boat & RV Storage is located at 800 Blue Mound Road E in Haslet, TX. Our storage facility is the most convenient option for several other surrounding areas such as Fort Worth, Avondale, Keller, Watauga, Blue Mound, Saginaw, Eagle Mountain, and more. You can easily get to our facility via Highway 287 and Interstate 35W.

Outdoor & Indoor Boat, RV & Vehicle Parking Spaces

Haslet Boat & RV Storage is the Fort Worth storage solution equipped with everything you need. Access to our ice machine, dump station, vacuum, wash area, and air compressor is free for all tenants. Store your car, truck, motorcycle, boat or RV with Haslet Boat & RV Storage by calling today!
In addition to uncovered and canopy parking, we also offer indoor storage, which provides more protection than outdoor storage units against the outside elements. Our fully-enclosed units are drive-up accessible and convenient for easy loading and unloading.

Advanced Security with iDter

As part of our commitment to providing top-notch security services at Haslet Boat & RV Storage, we have installed a cutting-edge security system called iDter. This system leverages advanced AI technologies and live monitoring to ensure a swift and effective response to potential threats. With 24/7 cloud-based live views and archived footage retrieval, iDter provides real-time monitoring and historical data access to enhance our overall security measures.

iDter stands for intelligent deterrence of crime because the Nio units are designed to act immediately, thus been proven to thwart 98% of crime without the delays of human intervention.
When entering Haslet Boat & RV Storage, iDter will inform you that you are under monitoring. In the event of entering a restricted area or if an unauthorized individual attempts to breach the perimeter, the system will issue a warning instructing them to leave immediately. Failure to comply with trigger alarms, emergency lights around the entire facility, and an immediate call to the sheriff by our live monitoring team.

We believe that iDter enhances the safety and security of our storage facility, providing you with peace of mind regarding the protection of your valuable assets.

Earn a Referral Bonus

Know someone who is already storing their valuable assets at Haslet Boat & RV Storage? Provide their name and unit number when you rent, and you both will receive $25 off one month’s rent.

Likewise, when you rent a space for your car, trailer, boat or RV and refer a friend who shares your name and unit number when they rent their own unit, you both will receive $25 off one month’s rent.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!
Refer a friend and get $25 off one month's rent
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Physical banner ads can’t be deleted like an email or skipped like a commercial, making them ideal for grabbing attention and creating brand awareness. The closest recorded traffic counts on Blue Mound Road are 18,000+ cars per day. Reserve a space on our fence and get these eyeballs thinking about your business today.

Banners are 4’ tall and start at 10’ long, but you can make your banner as wide as you need. Renting the space is only $25 per linear foot each month and a 3 -month rental commitment is required.

Banners must be approved before they can be displayed. We will provide a link for you to order your banner upon design approval. The cost of production is not included and you can use your own production company as long as the banner is mesh or another breathable material.

Once you get your banner, schedule a time to meet a manager at the facility to help you display your banner on the facility fence.

First months' advertising free for current tenants!
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